The Future of Manufacturing
25 - 27 October 2017

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  • Future of Manufacturing: Digital Transformation
    Date: 25 October 2017
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  • Surface Engineering for Research and Industrial Applications (SERIA) 2017
    Dates: 26 & 27 October 2017
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  • Monetise the IoT Revolution through Disruptive Digitalised Ecosystem
    An Integrated Approach Towards Industrial IoT
    Dates: 27 October 2017
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The Future of Manufacturing
25 - 27 October 2017

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Co-located Conferences
Dates Conferences Registration Fees
25 Oct 2017

Future of Manufacturing:
Digital Transformation
SMF/GS1 Singapore Member Non Member
$220* $330*
*Fee is inclusive of 7%GST
26 - 27 Oct 2017
Types Academia Speaker SSEA/SMF Member Non Member
Early Bird
31 Aug 2017
$235* $262* $395* $502*
Published $299* $315* $502* $609*
*Fee is inclusive of 7%GST
27 Oct 2017 Monetise the IoT Revolution through Disruptive Digitalised Ecosystem
An Integrated Approach towards Industrial IoT
  IoTSG/SMF Member Non Member
Early Bird
30 Sep 2017
$128* $214*
Published $235* $321*
*Fee is inclusive of 7%GST

25 – 27 October 2017
Hall 4A, Singapore EXPO
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Onsite Activities
  1. Business Advisory Clinics
  2. Robotics & Machine Vision Showcase
  3. Additive Manufacturing Showcase
  4. Emerging Solutions Showcase
  5. Government Pavilion
  6. Track & Track Pavilion
  7. Intuitive Industrial Experience Tour (IIET)
    • IIET S1: Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (10 November 2017)
    • IIET S2: Tour of NYP Centres of Excellence, School of Engineering (10 November 2017)
    • IIET S3: To be Confirmed
      Limited to 40 Pax for each tour
  8. ManuTech Xchange
Time Day 1 – Wednesday
25 October 2017
Day 2 – Thursday
26 October 2017
Day 3 – Friday
27 October 2017
11.00am –
Remanufacturing and Sustainable Production in Industry 4.0 Era
Dr Shanshan Yang
Development Scientist
Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), A*STAR
Industry 4.0 & Artificial Intelligence – Reality or Fantasy?
Mr Mike James
Chairman & CTO
ATS Global B.V
Engineering in Recycled Wood Plastic Composite Collaboration Project
Mr Teri Teo
Project Consultant
LHT Holdings Limited
11.30am –
Identifying Parts for Metal Printing
Mr Matthew Waterhouse
Chief Executive Officer
3D Metalforge Pte Ltd
Using Data to Sweat Your Asset (Powerful Tools for Productivity Maintenance)
Mr Ming Dong
Technical Training Specialist
BizIT Systems and Solutions Pte Ltd
wfMOBILETM- Mobile Workflow Apps for SME
Dr Justin Lim KM
Deputy Director
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), A*STAR
12.00pm –

Tracking and Tracing - Delivery Quality Throughout the Supply Chain

Tracking and tracing enables all parties involved in the supply chain to determine:
  • Where the product has been;
  • When it is deemed not fit for consumption or usage;
  • Why it cannot be consumed or used; and
  • How to safely recall it should the need arises
Presented by:

Panel Discussion
"Achieving End-to-end Product Traceability with Global System & Standards"

The panel will comprise of solutions experts discussing challenges and opportunities on:
  • Different regulation requirements on traceability in different sectors (Retail, Healthcare, Food).
  • Technology to enable seamless track and trace based on best practices.
  • How to use traceability as a tool to build trust and confidence about your products.
Presented by:
Solution Ready Platforms for Smart Factory and IoT Applications
Mr Allen Liu
Key Account Manager, Industrial IoT
Advantech Co. Singapore Pte Ltd
12.30pm –
CO2 Technology for Lean and Green Manufacturing
Mr David Jackson
Hitachi High-Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd
1.00pm –
WIN System (Smart Monitoring)
Mr Michael Teo
Business Development Manager
WERMA Signaltechnik Gmbh + Co. Kg
Future of Remanufacturing: Sustainable Plastics from Medical Waste Recycling (MWR)
Mr Daniel Chang
Chief Technical Officer
Wah Lee Tech (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Gshine Welltech Corp
Hiwin LM and DDM Serials
Mr Gordon Chai
Deputy Sales Manager
Hiwin Singapore Pte Ltd
1.30pm –
Ultra-thin Fluorinated Functional Coatings for Electric Applications
Dr Rama Varma Rajagopal
Application Engineer
3M Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
Addressing the System Level Challenges of IoT
Mr Thilak Ramanna
Head – Field Engineering, APAC
Wind River – a TME Partner
Maximising a Business' Most Valuable Asset - Your Intangible Assets
Mr Tan Shau En
Chief Financial Officer / Assistant Chief Executive (Commercialisation)
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Executive Director
IP ValueLab Pte Ltd
2.00pm –
Achieving Industry 4.0 with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – Steps towards Smart Factory
Mr Sascha Graef
Managing Director
MPDV Asia Pte Ltd

Panel Discussion:
"Supply Chain Dialogue – Challenges in Innovation Adoption"

The dialogue will discuss the following challenges faced by the industry:
  • How would new technologies impact the industry?
  • What are the major challenges involved in innovation adoption?
  • Manpower and skills development will need to be re-calibrated to meet the advanced technologies need. How is the industry coping with this area of skills training and development?
Presented by:
Role of Governments in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in Asia
Mr Tahir Padiath
Business Development Manager
Frost & Sullivan
2.30pm –
Generative CAD
Dr Chen Lujie
Assistant Professor
JM Vistec System Pte Ltd
Extracting Value from IoT in Manufacturing - Predictive Maintenance Case Studies
Mr Salmon Sim
Hitachi Asia Ltd
3.00pm –
Cyber Security and Critical Info Infra-structure Protection: Are We Seeing the Complete Picture Yet?
Mr Ken Soh
Chief Executive Officer
Athena Dynamics
Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association – It's Complicated – Making it Simple!
Mr Mike James
Immediate Past Chairman and Member of the Executive Committee
Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International
3.30pm –
Sustainable Green Manufacturing & Emerging Technology
Mr Thomas Yeo
Head, Strategic Planning & Business Development
LHT Holdings Limited
Combining Robotics and RFID for Industry 4.0
Mr Edward Lu
Sales Director
Invengo Technology Pte Ltd
4.00pm –
Collection, Delivery & Management System (CDMS) – A Plug & Play and Cost Effective Solution for Your Daily Goods and Service Delivery
Mr Wei He
Principal Research Engineer
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), A*STAR

Visit MSE 2017

4.30pm –
How Resilient Is Your Company In This Economic Downturn?
Mr Winston Kum
Senior Manager
SME Centre@SMF
Telebot – A Multipurpose Telepresence Robot with Environment Awareness and Cloud Intelligence
Mr Yinbei Li
Senior Manager
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Note: The programme is updated as of 11 September 2017. The organiser reserves the rights to revise the programme without prior notice.